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Technicians' Advice

Anti-Slip finish with a polyurea V-Coat 6335/101

If desired, final anti-slip surface can be attained by the material itself, without additives (quartz sand, etc.). After covering the surface with V-Coat 6335/101 at the desired thickness (e.g.. 2mm) we overspay. Spraying from above using the Graco Fusion gun, creates a fine mist that is mounted on the membrane surface and creates the anti-slip resistance you want.

Enhance adhesion in waterproofing systems V-Pol

To enhance the adhesion to concrete surfaces to be sealed with polyurethane systems V-Pol using the polyurethane primer V-Primer 4435.

1. Surface Concrete
2. Primer V-Primer 4435
3. polyurethane one-component system V-Pol
4. Aliphatic polyurethane system V-Pol Protect

Metal surfaces V-Primer 565-525

When we want to cover a metal surface with a polyurea V-Coat 6335/101 using primer V-Primer 565-525. Apply a small amount of about 120 gr / m2 with a roller or spray system. Attention! Too much can have negative effects on adhesion. After only 10min. we can begin to spray the V-Coat 6335/101.

1. Metal surface
2. Primer V-Primer 565-625
3. polyurea system V-Coat 6335/101

Reaction to Fire

If the project requires class loudness under DIN 4102/1 B2 or C of EN ISO 13501-1 our company provides certified systems for applications in the Construction and Industrial sector.

Cleaning and Maintenance Reactor E-1

Cleans tanks and hoses with special cleaning fluid V-Clean by VIOPOL.

Check the filter drier weekly. The filter is new when it is blue and pink when it needs changing..

Lubricate the pump daily isocyanate = red, with a special liquid Graco

Gun Cleaning and Maintenance

During the year and if we stop spraying grease gun with grease and special grease Graco

Consists opening gun and diligent cleaning: :

  • filters using a special solvent V-Solvent by VIOPOL and the air
  • barrel using a special solvent V-Solvent of VIOPOL and special drill cleaning.

Εxplanation of marks

Red = Isocyanate= V-Iso
Blue = Polyol= V-Coat

Insulation System V-Por

To achieve the desired thickness of the insulation of the roof, apply polyurethane system V-Por repeated in successive layers. Each layer must be thick 1cm.

Surface Preparation

To achieve good adhesion apply V-Primer for priming of loose surfaces.

Sealing Cracks and Joints

These cracks, as the joints, should be puttied with polyurethane sealant V-Seal.

Enhancing Sealing

To effectively enhance the sealing apply V-Pol in combination with geotextile.

For more tips and application instructions please contact our technical department of our company in order to receive complete information about the solutions and the advantages of its products VIOPOL.