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The Team

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Meet Our People

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so in order to ensure that we meet our customers’ expectations, we’ve gathered the most elegant team to have by our side. Our people are the secret to our success, they form that special element that brings PURe value to our partners and our brand purpose to life.


Christos Kahramanoglou

Christos is a highly motivated and creative leader with over 20 years’ experience in leading and developing a polyurethane system house. An inspirational team leader with high emphasis on a caring people centric culture, that builds trust, empathy and connectivity.

Technical Director

Dimitris Moutsopoulos

Chemical Engineer, with 30 years of experience in plant management, polyurethane system design & development and customer technical support.


Giannis Sgountzos

R & D and Technical Services Manager

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering with a more than 10 years of experience in research, design  and development of polyurethane systems and customer technical support.

Loukas Mavrodimos

Technical Customer Support

Highly motivated Materials Engineer with demonstrated experience in the design, development manufacturing and characterization of advanced polymer materials focusing on problem-solving.


Polykarpos Michelakis

Polykarpos is a Mechanical Engineer who has been involved in sales throughout his professional career. He works almost 20 years as a sales engineer of industrial and building products. He is experienced in exports, big projects, B2B development and technical presentations to engineering firms.

Stavroula Kaminioti

Customer Service & Logistics Supervisor

Despite holding a degree in economics Stavroula has spent the majority of her career in the Greek industrial sector having accumulated valuable experience as a customer service and logistics professional. Her dedication, professionalism and consistency are some of her personality traits that Viopol is profiting from.


Creating PURe value for our customers