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V-Primer M-1

V-Primer M-1 is a two-component aliphatic polyurethane primer for the protection of metal surfaces.

  • Suitable for metal surfaces to be finally protected with V-Coat polyurea systems
  • Easily applied with the use of a roller or a brush
  • Membrane without joints
  • Excellent adhesion to the metal surface
  • Long life cycle
  • Temperature and weather resistant
  • Low cost with minimal maintenance
  • High elasticity
Mixing ratioParts by weight4 : 1
Component A : Component B
Application Temperature:
Component A
Component B
20 – 25
20 – 25
Maximum mechanical strengthdays3 – 5
Pot lifehours6 – 7

The components of V-Primer M-1are supplied in separate packaging:
Component A : 16 kg pail
Component B : 4 kg pail

Product Category: Spray Systems

Application: Primers

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