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V-Pur C 35-041

 PUR-rigid foam system used for the continuous production of metal panels. Use of pentane as blowing agent.

  • Metal panels 40 – 200mm thickness
Mixing ratioParts by weightV-Pur C-35-041 100 parts
V-Iso M500 150 parts
V-Cat 31960 3,0-4,5 parts
V-Cat 6010 4,0-5,5 parts
n-Pentane 5,5-7,5 parts
Application temperature:
(both components)
Temperature of double belt laminator°C45
Temperature of facing layers°C32 – 37

Specimen were produced by means of high pressure machine. Final density is achieved by proper overpacking.

The components of V-Pur C-35-041 system, are supplied in separate packaging:

Polyol blend
: V-Pur C-35-041
: V-Iso M500
: V-Cat 6010
: V-Cat 31960
1000kg IBC
1250kg IBC
160kg drum / 900kg IBC
200kg drum / 1000kg IBC


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