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Established in 1974, VIOPOL is today one of the most dynamic and fast growing Greek-based companies in the production and marketing of polyurethane systems. Experience, continuous research for innovative solutions and long standing collaborations with international corporations are the pillars of our expertise & know-how. This makes it possible for us to meet the highest and most complex market demands.

At the heart of our philosophy lay support and close partnership with our clients in assessing their needs and meeting their requirements. Our highly skilled and talented people turn great ideas into advanced solutions for any polyurethane system application. Our polyurethane systems stand out for their excellent quality and performance. Every product bearing VIOPOL’s logo offers our clients a world of advantages, supporting the end-result of their work and actively contributing to their success. In both Construction and Industry, VIOPOL is the power of development and expertise, your strategic partner in excellence.

Having by our side the biggest international PU corporations, defines the quality of our products and the refinement of our know-how. VIOPOL holds powerful, strategic partnerships with top international corporations, for the development of new products and solutions
and the joint implementation of major projects.Through these resourceful partnerships, at VIOPOL we have unlimited access and involvement in international research & development, regarding PU systems applications and innovations. Sharing the vast experience of our international partners, we grant our clients successfully tested solutions in any PU systems application, bringing unique benefits in local Industry and Construction. VIOPOL PU systems are the passport to international quality and know-how, in a new era of solutions and benefits.