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A new closed cell System for interior wall insulation: Viopol welcomes V-Pur S- 99L

As has been mentioned in previous reports, Viopol’s strategic move to the new production plant in Schimatari, in 2020, took the game to a whole new level. The Greek and neighboring markets cannot satisfy the company’s goals and objectives, so the need to expand geographically to new countries with different traditions in construction, insulation and methods of production is a one-way street.

Towards this end and following a smooth collaboration between Viopol’s sales and R&D departments, it was decided that a new, closed cell foam system should be developed, with a Free Rise Density of approximately 33-35kgs/m³, which will intend to satisfy the needs of applicators and distributors, especially in central Europe. These markets face increased demands for insulation solutions of the interior, specifically walls and interior roofing of buildings.

Based on the highly successful V-Pur S-97L, this new system will follow the same path, an HFC free technology which apart from high insulation properties (λ 0,023) will offer cost advantages to the customers.

Viopol’s vision of creating PURe value to our partners is the backbone of all our activities.

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