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Research & Development

Creating added value for our future

Our Research & Development team at VIOPOL is greatly concerned about the environment and global climate change. We have successfully developed and marketed polyurethane systems for all thermal applications according to EU F-Gas Regulation 517/2014 that demands phase-out of greenhouse gases.

We have created digital tools for the development of our formulations, through which the technical properties and performance of each product can be predicted and optimized.


    • In our newly built facility, we have allocated a special place, specifically designed for the simulation of polyurethane foam manufacturing with equipment used by the industry and our customers.
    • High-Pressure Krauss-Maffei machine with aluminum molds, to test PUR systems for pour-in-place applications.
    • High-Pressure machine for testing of our polyurethane spray foams and polyurea spray coatings.

Foam specimens are tested by our fully equipped state-of-the-art laboratory, to ensure that products meet market requirements and customer specifications (thermal insulation, compression & tensile properties, fire resistance, dimensional stability, and so on). 

Our products comply with the requirements of European legislation (CE certification and marking) according to the standards:

    • EN 14315-1 Thermal insulating products for buildings. In-situ formed sprayed rigid polyurethane (PUR) foam products
    • ΕΝ 1504-2  Surface protection systems for concrete 

We cooperate with organizations and accredited laboratories in Europe and the USA, for a complete certification of our products. Indicatively:

      • CEIS -Centro de ensayos, innovation y servicios (Spain)
      • APPLUS – LGAI Technological Center S.A (Spain)
      • KIWA GmbH Polymer Institut (Germany)
      • IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH (Germany)
      • CSI SpA Cerification & Testing (Italy)
      • Innovhub Stazioni Sperimentali per l’IndustriaS.r.l (Italy)
      • Surface Optics Corporation (USA)


with our own PU machines and moulds before presenting them in the market.


constant after-sales technical support and training by our experienced team.


with many accredited laboratories and certification organizations all over the world.


Creating PURe value for our world