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Certified™ by Great Place To Work®

VIOPOL is proud to announce that it has acquired the Great Place to Work® Certification (Certified™ by Great Place To Work®) for the second consecutive year, following a methodical and thorough evaluation. This certification is primarily based on the direct, anonymous, and confidential assessment conducted by the company’s employees regarding their experience of the workplace environment and the company culture.

Our culture is among our most significant advantages. The way we cultivate it daily is a commitment that unites and develops us both as individuals and as a business. All of us at VIOPOL have determined our destination, and together, we ensure that we enjoy this journey through behaviors that represent us. We are committed to trusting and respecting each other at all levels, communicating openly, being creative while also being consistent and responsible for our actions. This is demonstrated in our daily life, and by doing so, we feel safe and attract people who fit our team to join us.

We celebrate and take joy in our successes, both big and small, care for the well-being and health of our people, as well as the environment and our society. We promote our continuous improvement and development in many ways through constant feedback at all levels, through specialized seminars and experiential workshops held on a regular basis, and through coaching on both a team and an individual level.

The culture we cultivate and experience is reflected for the second consecutive year in the excellent results of the workplace environment research and understanding conducted by the globally specialized organization Great Place to Work®.