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Scope & Objective 

The present Customer Code of Conduct describes the expectations and anticipations of VIOPOL from its Customers, by setting the appropriate frame, while outlining the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors.


Classification of permitted and prohibited behavior

VIOPOL is committed to display the following behaviors towards its Customers:

  • Compliance with all terms and conditions contextually agreed and signed upon
  • Display of a behavior in the basis of legality, courtesy, fairness, integrity, dignity and respect towards all parties
  • Respect of diverse values, beliefs, cultures held by other Customers and/or entities/affiliates/partners.
  • Communication in a timely manner, in cases clarifications, additional comments and/or explanations are required, in order for each process to be fully understood and accurately implemented.
  • Assurance that all communication and/or interactions will be conducted on an open, clear, reasonably transparent and fair basis, according to current policies and procedures.

In turn VIOPOL expects from its Customers an expected set of behaviors, based on specific, predefined standards and will not tolerate such behaviors. These standards include but are not limited to the following points:


Business Ethics

  • Business Integrity
    • Zero tolerance to any form of corruption or embezzlement
    • Zero tolerance to direct or indirect offerings of bribes, or any other illegal incentive and personal benefits, aiming at obtaining preferential treatment (elusive of improper practices)
    • Avoidance of any process that is not clear, correct and/or transparent
    • Avoidance of retaliation against any individual of VIOPOL for raising a good-faith


  • Abuse
    • Behaviors that are considered – either universally or specifically set by VIOPOL –unaccepted will not be tolerated. Such behaviors include any form of harassment, discrimination, threatening, aggressive, offensive, malicious or abusive language towards VIOPOL’s employees, other Customers or partners. Additionally, personal inappropriate remarks, victimization, mobbing, bullying or any other form of similar identified behaviors that constitute psychological abuse
    • Physical inappropriate contact, leading to any level of minimum harm and/or injury


  • Intellectual Property
    • Vandalism or theft or damage or similar acts that deliberately cause damage to VIOPOL’s property or corporate assets
    • Inappropriate use of VIOPOL’s digital technologies (e.g. corporate accounts, Social Media channels), referring to using the digital assets of VIOPOL in order to create, project, disperse or reproduce inappropriate content that may cause disruption of the business or personal harm or that may expose VIOPOL to its Customers, partners and/or competitors


  • Confidential Information

VIOPOL considers all sensitive information obtained by its Customers as utterly confidential under all circumstances. Confidential and sensitive information may include, among others:

    • Prices / costs and/or unpublished pricing information
    • Trade secrets (if any)
    • Product characteristics and/or New product plans
    • Trademarks and Copyrights (if any)
    • RnD plans and capabilities
    • Chemical formulas and materials
    • Suppliers’ information
    • Marketing plans
    • Internal reports, processes and procedures
    • Know-how

VIOPOL’s Customers are expected to gain knowledge and come across the aforementioned sensitive information and they shall not communicate or disclose it to an outsider (e.g. competitor or any other 3rd party) or use it in order to harm VIOPOL’s business. Additionally, VIOPOL’s Customers are obliged to ensure that all sensitive information is safe and properly protected and it is not exposed to or revealed or leaked to any (according to VIOPOL) unauthorized party. VIOPOL’s Customers are obliged to take all measures, in order to ensure the necessary safety.



Quality, Health and Safety (QH&S)

  • Quality and Continuous Improvement

Products that contain polyurethanes are subject to specific state, local and federal laws and regulations, duties and trade agreements.

    • Customers are expected to take all appropriate measures that ensure the highest level of quality of the products and chemical substances.
    • Customers are required to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations, relating to quality, health and safety. Thus, Customers are obliged to be aware of all potential risks involved, while handling products that contain polyurethanes during the manufacturing phase and prevent those risks from happening.
    • Customers are expected to stay informed of the current developments in the technological field of the sector of polyurethane (PU or PUR).


  • Safety
    • Customers are required to comply with national regulations on quality, health, safety and the environment, as well as to obtain, keep and update all necessary permits and licenses, relating to their products and processes.
    • Customers are required to stay informed of the latest legal and regulatory framework within the Greek, European and international building laws and health regulations. More specifically:
        1. the REACH Labeling and the 0.1% limit
        2. the PU Training Update, according to which all professional and industrial users of polyurethane (PU) adhesives and sealant products within the EU and UK, now require additional training – effective date: 24/08/2023.
  • Labor Practices
    • Customers are expected to perform their duties under the principles of social responsibility
    • Customers are expected to treat employees equally and be compensated fairly


  • Workplace Health and Safety
    • Customers are required to take all measures required to ensure the establishment of a safe process, in order for work-related hazards occurring in the workplace to be eliminated
    • Customers are required to take all necessary measures (including controls, procedures, and preventive maintenance) to minimize workplace health and safety risks. In cases where hazards cannot be effectively managed through these methods. Customers commit to supplying their employees with the required protective equipment.
    • Customers are expected to recognize potential workplace emergencies and take to steps to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence. Additionally, they are committed to providing safety information about identified risks through employee training to ensure their proper protection.


  • Environment Protection
    • Customers are encouraged to establish all mechanisms that recognize and address risks within the domains outlined in the present Code, while adhering to relevant environmental legislative mandates
    • Customers are encouraged to implement systems to ensure the safe and compliant handling, transportation, storage, recycling, reuse, and management of waste, always in accordance with the prevailing legislation in their respective countries


Disciplinary actions

While VIOPOL makes every possible effort to engage with all of its Customers in good faith, there are occasions, where behaviors cannot be tolerated, as described above. In case of a breach or infringement or violation of one or more of the aforementioned expected behaviors, VIOPOL is committed to:

  • Communicating with its Customers, should the company consider that one or more of the cases mentioned above have been broken and/or not properly respected
  • Resolving any possible emerging matter in the most effective way, in order to avoid similar repetitiveness in the future
  • Reserving the right to proceed to termination of the contract and/or ultimately of any future partnership

At VIOPOL we welcome and encourage everyone among our Customers, who wishes to proceed with a grievance and/or complaint, to use our formal and/or informal channels of communication. We strive to create a positive, fruitful and effective experience for all of our Customers.



Implementation, Monitoring, Review & Update

VIOPOL always acts proactively, based on the principle that “prevention is better that cure”. In that spirit a review of the current Policy is a crucial part of the process. Through an effective Policy Review Management in an ongoing basis, the company manages to monitor whether the Policy provokes risk that affect the availability, confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information, whether guidelines define requirements of readability and understandability, or whether the Policy’s current state needs to be updated.

Customers are welcomed and encouraged to proceed with appropriate recommendations – where necessary – in order to identify possible gaps and/or omissions.

Customers are encouraged to proceed with disclosing any possible risks and/or breaches of the current Code of Conduct within their area of activity.

The present Code of Conduct has been drafted, revised and implemented with the purpose of serving as a handbook on how VIOPOL’s Customers shall behave


The latest version of the present Code can be found and downloaded from VIOPOL official website https://viopol.com/

Our channels in place, through which you may communicate an incident – in tandem or partially are via email at tharkoum@otenet.gr .



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