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V-Dur 140-100

Two-component polyurethane system for rigid structural foam of high density, Production of decorative items & industrial parts.

  • Rigid items production
  • Wood imitation
  • Excellent flow
  • One-shot foaming process
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Waterblown (HFC-free)

Mould preparation
Mould should be clean, dry, free from dust and foreign particles that may reduce the adhesion.
V-Release demoulding agent should be applied inside the mould
Application guide
Polyol should be stirred very well before use. The filling should be done in one shot process. Pay special attention to the mixing ratio of the system. The element should be overfilled.

Specimen produced by means of high pressure machine. Final density is achieved by proper overpacking.

Test Value Unit Method
Density 200 250 300 Kg/m3 DIN 53420
Hardness 27 33 39 Shore D DIN 53505


The components of V-Dur 140-100 are supplied in separate packaging:

Polyol : 220kg drum / 1000kg IBC
Isocyanate : 250kg drum / 1250kg IBC


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