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V-Pur W 61-800

Two-component polyurethane rigid foam system for continuous filling of metal sheet rollers.

  • Production of aluminium or metal sheet profiles
  • Excellent flow
  • Excellent thermal insulating properties
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Resistance to high temperature
  •  CFC/HCFC/HFC free
Mixing ratioParts by weight100 : 125
(Poyol: Isocyanate)
Application temperature:
(both components)
°C20 – 25
Storage (Thermal shock)After pouring the products must be stored at room temperature >20°C for 2 days
Metal temperature°C45
Oven temperature°C60

Specimen were produced by means of high pressure machine. Final density is achieved by proper overpacking.

Test Value Unit Method
Applied density 150-250 Kg/m3 DIN EN ISO 845
Closed cell content >94 % ISO 4590
Thermal Conductivity λ (initial) 0,024 W/mK ISOMET 2114


The components of V-Pur W-61-800 system are supplied in separate packaging:

Polyol :
230kg drum
250kg drum


Product Category: Industrial Insulation Foams Application: Garage Doors

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