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New Products bring Complete Solutions

Viopol is constantly developing systems and product groups that are able to provide even more effective and efficient solutions to various applications in the construction sector.

Today we are proud to introduce a new product in our range of substrate preparation products, the V-primer 1200.

Viopol’s high quality thermal insulation foam along with the sealing & protective materials such as polyurea in big projects can only be combined with tested & approved products. The purpose being that we need to ensure the best compatibility of the components at each stage of the application. That way we complement our systems and give our customers guaranteed solutions.

The proposal of primers is now complete with the new entry of V-primer 1200.

We can maximize adhesion for different types of substrates, as well as cover the aspect of different application conditions. At the same time, it prepares-facilitates the use of our membranes and foams.

Our new two-component V-primer 1200 epoxy primer is a multi-tool that can prepare any surface, porous or not. With low VOC, and low Odor, it can create a hard protective film on our application surface working also as a dust and moisture barrier. If mixed with sand it can increase the coherence between the next stage of the application or it could be used as an epoxy mixture. In simple terms work as a kind of repair mortar to cover gaps and level surfaces. It has high resistance to abrasion and chemicals with very good mechanical properties that bond well with the main protection liquid membranes we produce.

All these properties together with its ease of application make it an ideal surface preparation product even for flooring projects of polyurea protection coating. Two materials that work perfectly together.

V-primer 1200 is a two-component product, in premeasured proportions and easy-to-mix pails. It is a part of our successful primer product group together with the one-component polyurethane primer, V-primer 4435, and the 2-component aliphatic polyurethane primer for metal surfaces, V-primer Metal.

It is recommended that our systems, if exposed, to be protected with the well-known for its quality, aliphatic polyurethane coating. V-Pol Protect, after years of presence in the market and having won the trust of most of the applicators, it comes in a competitive price and it is readily available.

It is our top -coat UV protection, securing weather resistance and maintaining color stability.

It gives even better results regarding resistance to abrasion and stagnating water. It can even create an anti-slip effect by the use of silica sand. The best of all is that, with the use of this particular product you can give a nice final shiny aesthetic result on the outer surface.

We feel that Viopol’s product proposal is by far more efficient that what the competition has to offer, thanks to its effective coverage with low consumption, its easy application with its balanced viscosity and of course the ergonomic packaging of the two components for optimum consumption without losses

Another characteristic property of V-Pol protect is the high reflectivity in the white color option which, especially in countries with a lot of sunshine, protects against high temperatures and reduces any potential costs required for cooling a space leading to a “green” environmentally friendly method.

Viopol is in constant search for new solutions and products for the benefit of its customers. With today’s developments, it can cover an even greater range of projects, giving guaranteed results. We essentially aim to become our partners’ main supplier, one stop shop, covering all requirements a project might have.