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V-Pur S 97L

Two-component, fast curing Polyurethane Spray Foam System (SPF) suitable for in-situ thermal insulation.
The system has been certified according to EN 14315-1.

  • External and internal insulation of residential or industrial buildings
  • Flat roof insulation
  • Pitched roof insulation
  • Floor insulation
  • Insulation of tanks, fridges, farming installations and storages
  • Overspray insulation due to fast set system
  • 100% adhesion on insulation surface
  • Easily applied on vertical surfaces
  • Perfectly suitable for curved or specially designed surfaces
  • Fast installation
  • No thermal bridges
  • Tolerant to adverse weather conditions
  • No joints
  • Eliminates leakage
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Walkable

Before application the polyol should be stirred well for 10-15 minutes in its drums until homogenized. The two-component polyurethane system V-Pur S-97L has very short reaction times and can only be applied by usingappropriate high-pressure units.

Mixing ratioParts by weight100 : 110
Parts by volume100:100
Application temperature:
Application temperature:
Bar / psi
Bar / psi
120 / 1500
120 / 1500

Samples were prepared by means of high pressure spraying using a plural component proportioner.

The components of V-Pur S-97L are supplied in separate packaging:

225kg drum
250kg drum


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