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UTECH Europe

Where will the global pulse of polyurethane beat between April 23 and 25?

In Maastricht, the Netherlands, at the largest global event for the polyurethane industry.

Who is the only autonomous polyurethane system house in the wider Balkan Peninsula and even farther, with a 50-year history, that will be present there?

Viopol will actively participate in UTECH Europe.

UTECH Europe is the leading exhibition and conference for the global polyurethane industry and attracts a high-level targeted audience relevant to this business, including top-level exhibitors from across the global polyurethanes scene and industry leaders.

UTECH Europe provides visitors the opportunity to network with top-level exhibitors, to discover new ways to increase efficiency, see product launches and the latest equipment, as well as learn from well-respected members of the industry at the conference, which takes place on the same dates.

Viopol will be represented by all its departments since it is an exhibition that covers all the aspects of this industry. In such an important exhibition, we could consolidate business relationships, appoint agents, obtain technical knowledge, keep up-to-date with the industry and market development, and of course, expand our network with top-level exhibitors.

Viopol has proven for many years now through its successful export network that it is well-known. However, in UTECH, it is coming to show its weight among the top. It is the exhibition that places our pin on the world map of serious system houses and among the giants of the industry. All the above will be showcased from the layout of its booth, which is designed with high aesthetic criteria and contemporary design. The central idea of our presence will be the celebration of 50 years of our company with an anniversary logo and several other surprises for our guests.

Good luck to the Viopol team!

UTECH Europe exhibitors