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Dear Partners,
We are proud to announce that we have implemented the largest investment in our history, from the founding of VIOPOL 46 years ago.
We have designed and completed successfully the latest state of the art production facility for polyurethane systems in Europe.
We are pleased to inform you that we have fully relocated safely to our new facilities in Schimatari, Athens, Greece.
All this thanks to our people, who in unpredictable and unprecedented times, during a pandemic, have exhibited incomparable vigour and resilience living our mission and vision.
We thank them!
And thanks to you that you have been trusting and supporting us all these years. We thank you!
In our new plant, on top of our ISO 9001 και ISO 14001 quality systems, we have developed and automated production and warehouse management procedures and intensified quality control processes, in order to improve safety, quality and service you better. Here we will implement the 5s philosophy.
Seiri = Sort. Seiton= Set In order. Seiso =Shine. Seiketsu = Standardize. Shitsuke =Sustain
Today VIOPOL is exporting to 20 countries, producing a wide range of polyurethane systems, that cover many different applications and markets.
This new page in our history will assist us further in carrying out our mission to Create PURe Value.
Everyone in VIOPOL thanks you again for your valued cooperation and support throughout these years.
Stay healthy and safe and take care of yourself and each other. Please follow us on LinkedIn for more news and updates: https://www.linkedin.com/company/viopol/

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