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Creating a PURe Culture: VIOPOL, A Great Place to Work – Certified

It is well known that a company’s culture not only brings people together but it allows them to grow as individuals and as a team, most importantly it allows the company to evolve.

Our team started its journey several years ago, we chose the destination together and we made sure that we all feel confident and safe along this process as we hit each milestone through our everyday behavior.

That way with daily effort we build the working environment we want & deserve. We have made a commitment to each other to communicate openly and effectively, to be creative but also consistent to our principles and responsible for our actions. And we make our culture message clear allowing that way people with similar views in life to approach the company and help the team to grow organically. We celebrate our wins big or small, we care about not just our people but the community, the environment and we express that every way we can.

We promote continuous improvement on all levels, through seminars, interactive workshops, learning on the job experience, coaching, whatever type of support the team or individual needs.

And what better way to confirm that the company’s efforts are actually making a difference than an employee engagement survey that led to the certification as a Great Place to Work!

Yes, VIOPOL is a Great Place to Work and we are proud because we, all together, made it happen!