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Let’s talk about solar boilers

The Greek solar boiler market, is labeled as a pioneer and frontrunner on an international scale. Greece’s weather, with over 300 days of sunny days per year, has been the catalyst for domestic producers to invest and develop this sector over the past decades, allowing them to export their products around the globe. And it goes without saying that Viopol, being the only Polyurethane producer in the region, assists this development with top-of-the-line polyurethane systems specifically designed for solar boilers, allowing us to sell over 8.000 tons of these systems since its inception in 2018. Over the past few months some very interesting developments have taken place.

As of 1/1/2023, the European Union has made the use of 4th generation blowing agents mandatory- banning the use of HFCs- upon all member states. In other words, products carrying polyurethane foam, among which solar boilers, sold in the E.U. should conform to this norm. Viopol’s R& D department has taken the necessary steps, allowing us to introduce HFC free systems, which use physical blowing agents, certified with ISO 9001, as early as 2018. Over these past years, the majority of Greek producers have trusted our systems and provided us with excellent feedback over a substantial period of time.

Viopol is offering polyurethane systems for solar boilers satisfying our client’s different needs. V-Pur B 23-401, our flagship system with a Free Rise Density of 38kg/m³ or V-Pur B 23-302, with a Free Rise Density of 33kg/m³, both with λ(initial) equal to 0,023 are just 2 of the options that we can offer.

The discussion involving sustainability and a shift towards green energy, cannot exclude the shift, on a European level, from traditional ways of water heating to the use of ecofriendly methods such as the use of solar energy. The outlook for the decade ahead, points towards dramatic increase in demands for these products, even from markets that have kept traditionally away from their use. And Viopol is ready to play its role in this change.