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Developing a Growth Mindset and Culture

Continuously enhancing team spirit and collaboration is a main priority for all people of Viopol SA. To adopt and develop a growth mindset and culture is the greatest challenge in both personal and corporate level, leading to deep engagement and involvement, outstanding performance, success and satisfaction. 

On 31.05, 01.06 and 02.06 all members of the Viopol Team participated in a teambuilding experiential workshop titled “Developing a Growth Mindset and Culture”, which took place in a beautiful resort at Kymi, in South Euboea. Creativity, innovative thinking, open communication and positivity were the flowing elements among people, motivating them to interact in their own unique way, starting the growth journey from inside, for both themselves and the organization.

Energized by the sunrise and the blue of the summer sea, challenged by case studies of organizations that successfully adopted and developed a growth mindset and inspired by their own dream and passion for growth, the Viopol Team outlined an initial growth mindset and culture development action plan, to elaborate on and go deeper and wider. Once more, people of Viopol shared the precious feeling of working, enjoying, being together.

The workshop was created and performed by Dr. Evangelia Fassoula, Managing Director of Evergrow SA.