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VIOPOL ESG & Sustainability Strategy

The VIOPOL ESG & Sustainability Strategy sets the framework to achieve meaningful changes in the operation of the company in the next 3 years. This strategy is based on the feedback of its main stakeholders, who have been recognized and have set the material issues of the company. The content of the Strategy is structured around 3 Pillars of Sustainability: Environment, Social, Governance. We have identified 20 targets to quantify Viopol’s progress towards the 3 Sustainability Pillars we set for ourselves for 2024 to 2026. As an organization, we are pleased to say that we look forward to meeting or exceeding our commitment towards a more sustainable operation for the planet, the society, and the economy.

One of our Targets is Environmental compliance (Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No13 adopted by the 193 United Nations (UN) member states) which is integral to maintaining a sustainable and responsible approach in preserving natural resources and ensuring the well-being of both the environment and individuals. 

Ιn the context of all the above, Viopol installed the 1st double electric vehicle charger 22kw for its fleet.