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Scope & Objective

VIOPOL’s anti-harassment policy aims to address and prevent antagonistic situations that violate the dignity of employees. It pertains to single or repeated incidents of intimidation, humiliation, degradation, bullying, or other undesirable verbal, non-verbal, or physical conduct toward one person or a group of people.

The Company is committed by any means, by adopting a zero-tolerance approach towards to such behaviors, regardless of the person’s position within the Company.

The Policy refers to all members of the Board of Directors (BoD), employees and associates, regardless of contract type and employment status. The Policy acknowledges that anyone can be a victim of harassment, regardless of their sex and of the sex of the harasser, including employees of the Company, clients, customers (internal and/or external ones), casual workers, contractors or visitors. As such, anyone who harasses another will be reprimanded in accordance with this VIOPOL’s Policy.


Definition of Harassment

Harassment can be identified as unwanted behavior directed at an individual with the purpose or intent of humiliating, disrespecting, intimidating, hurting, or offending them.

This unwanted behavior could include but is not limited to:

  • Discriminatory: unwanted, harmful, and unfair treatment towards an individual that is based on the grounds of age, disability, gender, language, nationality, political view, religion, race, sexual orientation or other status. Verbal or non-verbal abuse, such as group or individual bullying or cyberbullying, mobbing, name-calling, which leads in creating a hostile working environment, depression, exclusion or need for retaliation.
  • Sexual: unwanted sexual advance or request directed at an individual such as inappropriate physical contact or remarks about a person’s body or clothing, unwanted messages, calls, gifts or advances; Physical acts of a sexual nature and sexually oriented gestures, such as caressing, touching, pinching, patting, kissing, hugging, grabbing or poking another employee’s body; Inappropriate sexual propositions, subtle or obvious pressure or requests for sexual favors, romantic or sexual relationships, accompanied with implied cause of professional damage or threats leading promises for benefits, or sabotaging a person’s career development and/or job performance evaluation;
  • Physical: unwanted physical contact or action directed at an individual, such as direct threats with the intent to harm, physical attacks such as hitting, kicking and pushing.
  • Psychological: unwanted behavior or actions that can negatively impact an individual’s mental wellbeing, such as spreading rumors, belittling comments, or discrediting, opposing or challenging an individual’s proposals with the purpose to diminish the individual.

Harassment could also include some bullying behavior, such as threats, rude jokes, facial expressions and gestures.


Reporting Mechanism

The reporting of the incident can be made either informally verbally or formally in writing at the email tharkoum@otenet.gr . The person who reports the incident can be either the victim of harassment or any other person who witnessed the aforementioned suspected incident. The report addresses to the Head of the Human Resources Department of the Company. All Supervisors of Departments and/or Managers who receive a complaint/accusation shall report it to the Head of HR Dept., in order for the process to follow its course.


According to VIOPOL’s Reporting Process, the below steps – wholly or partially – must be followed:

  • Upon receipt of formal complaint (in writing), the Head of HR Dept. will proceed with a review of the facts that took place and constituted the suspected harassment. In tandem, the Head of HR Dept. will take all interim actions required, in order to ensure the victims security (e.g. avoiding communication between the suspected victim and the suspected abuser)
  • In case the complaint is informal, the Head of HR Dept. will discuss with the suspected victim to proceed formally, via filing a Form of Submission.
  • The Head of Human Resources will conduct an inquiry into the incident, consistently complying with the law. The investigation pertains specifically to the quantity of calls exchanged from the corporate telephones (excluding personal telephones), as well as scrutiny of emails and other documents exclusively managed through corporate correspondence. It is imperative to emphasize that in the absence of a formal complaint submitted to the competent authorities, no individual aside from the competent authorities is authorized to pursue further investigation of the incident.
  • The Head of HR Dept. will create a documentation folder with all supportive material.
  • The complainant shall then be notified of the status and validity of the report, in order to decide whether he/she will proceed with legal action. If this is the case, the Head of HR Dept., upon the approval of the BoD will contact the Legal Services – Legal Dept. of the Company to take over from that point to further legal actions (possible sanctions and/or disciplinary measures).


Confidentiality & Retaliation

The Company clearly states that it will not tolerate any retaliation against employees-victims of harassment or employees that have witnessed a harassment incidence. All cases of harassment must be reported from the person witnessing them, otherwise the person is considered to be responsible for tolerating such behaviors and allowing them to continue to harm the Company’s hypostasis. All cases will be taken into serious consideration and be treated with confidentiality.


Disciplinary Actions

The consequences for participating in harassing behavior will align with the severity of the misconduct. At a minimum, a verbal or written warning will be issued with guidance for how to avoid future events. If the misconduct is more severe, further action will be taken such as suspension, demotion or termination of employment.

In case the misconduct is serious, legal action will be taken against the offender and any other witness of the incident who did not report it.


Implementation, Monitoring, Review & Update

VIOPOL recognizes the importance of the Policy and as such it is charged with ensuring that the Policy is communicated accordingly to all employees (current workforce and during the induction process) and associates of the Company.

Additionally, the Anti-Harassment Policy is displayed at the official Company’s website and will be briefly mentioned at the Corporate Code of Conduct.

The Company monitors the progress of the Policy, as per its efficiency and effectiveness, by collecting data and making appropriate recommendations when needed. The Policy is being reviewed on a yearly basis and refreshed or edited if necessary.


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