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Viopol in the 13th Athens Sustainability Forum

The 13th Athens Sustainability Forum was successfully organized by Global Sustain, whose mission is to create knowledge, inspire and support companies and organizations in sustainability, through consulting, communication, networking and education, with a focus on the tripartite people – environment – profit.

Leaders of the ESG, responsible finance and sustainability world—renowned experts, CEOs, managers, and sector leads—had prepared exclusive programs just for Sustainability Forum participants. We heard from these industry leaders everything you need to know to take your business growth and sustainability career to the next level.

During the Forum, a panel discussion with topic: “ESG for SMEs” took place in which our very own, Christos Kahramanoglou, CEO of Viopol, discussed the challenges and opportunities ESG is bringing for SMEs.

“One of the challenges in integrating ESG into a SME is to create mindset and processes, that so far have been the business of big multinationals in a way that can be adopted and supported by a smaller organization. ESG is and must be a priority for all businesses”.

“At the same time”, Mr.Kahramanoglou added, “for Viopol it creates an opportunity, as our systems contribute to increasing the energy efficiency of products. The higher the need for energy saving, the higher the need for use of polyurethane systems”.