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Viopol in the Your Directors Club Annual Summit

The Annual Summit of Your Directors Club was met with great success from all participants on 12th October at OTE Academy in Athens. Your Directors Club is a premium and exclusive community of C-level executives and early entrepreneurs united by the urge to leave an indelible mark in their ecosystem. Its brings together, under an impactful community, high caliber executives who share a strong professional acumen, a future oriented mindset, an inner drive to innovate and succeed and a commitment to give back to society.

Yannis Armenis, Viopol’s Commercial Manager, took part in the summit and Christos Kahramanoglou, Viopol’s CEO, was part of a panel discussion with the topic “Revisiting the Leadership Agenda”, where the findings of a survey about the concerns and priorities of Directors and CEOs was discussed and debated.

During the debate, Christos Kahramanoglou underlined the importance of Personal Health and Well Being: “For me personally and for our organization Personal Health and Well Being is a business priority”. Mr. Kahramanoglou, went on to describe how we in Viopol relate our well being with a carefully designed and meticulously implemented company culture that is caring and empathetic, is characterized by transparency, inclusivity and personal growth, having trust as it main building block, which makes people feel safe to take initiatives and be creative and innovative.

During the disussion, Yannis Armenis, stressed out the role of R&D and how that is at the core of Viopol’s philosophy, and how important is to promote creativity and innovation inside our organization.